Where the cuts are being felt at CSIRO

The Government’s $115 million funding cut has set CSIRO on a path that will result in the largest number of job losses in the organisation’s history.

Some 700 CSRIO staff will lose their jobs in the year 2014-15. This number includes 420 jobs lost to direct government cuts and on top of 280 positions to be shed due to an internal restructure and cuts to important support functions.

Formal advice from CSIRO management 

Under the terms of the current Enterprise Agreement, CSIRO management are required to provide the Staff Association with written advice if there is a situation where employees may be potentially redundant.

The following formal advice includes job cuts announced as part of CSIRO’s internal restructure (IRP) and estimated losses resulting from the federal budget cuts.

Research areas 

Areas that will be hit by budget cuts include:

neuroscience and colorectal cancer; geothermal research, carbon capture and storage and liquid fuels; manufacturing research including bioscience, nanoscience, device engineering and systems, and high performance metal industries; urban water; terrestrial biodiversity; marine biodiversity, marine habitat mapping; and radio astronomy.

4 thoughts on “Where the cuts are being felt at CSIRO

  1. Interesting that while The Kavli Foundation gives specific recognition to those working in the Astrophysics, Nanoscience and Neuroscience (i.e. big, small and complex respectively) the “enlightened” management of CSIRO cuts these very areas!

  2. And of course now that we have a different Government the carbon capture and storage is very promptly disowned too!


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