Change the Rules

Change the Rules – aimed at overturning Australia’s broken workplace laws – is set to be the biggest union campaign since 2007’s Your Rights at Work. 

“Thirty years of trickle-down economics has failed to provide secure jobs or fair pay rises. Too many people in Australia have no job security. They can no longer predict or plan their lives. Having a job you can count on is a foundation of the Australian way of life.

“The rules must be changed so jobs with basic security and rights can be restored,” Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Secretary Sally McManus said.

Change the Rules Mega Rally 

CSIRO staff have faced the harsh reality of research cutbacks and job losses.

The last round of bargaining at CSIRO showed how easily workplace laws can be exploited to demoralise, disrespect and sow distrust throughout the workforce.

We must change the rules to secure jobs, fair pay increases and protect workplace rights and conditions at CSIRO.

Useful resources 

National rallies and meetings

Rallies, events and meetings are planned all across Australia as part of the Mega Rally.

Venues include Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong, Gladstone, Cairns, Mackay, Rockhampton, Townsville, Hobart, Launceston, Burnie, Shepparton, Adelaide, Wodonga, Bendigo, Newcastle, Brisbane and Canberra.

For event details and to RSVP click here or visit our Facebook page.

CSIRO staff must participate on their own time

CSIRO staff planning on participating in Change the Rules events must do so on their own time, either through approved leave or flexible working arrangements.

For more advice, speak to your local delegate or organiser or read the Staff Association fact sheets on recreation leave and flextime.

Know your rights 


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Recent media 

Recent video 

  • Watch a video of Sally McManus’s recent address to CSIRO staff here or below.


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