Enterprise Bargaining 2017

CSIRO Enterprise Agreement approved by Fair Work Commission 

CSIRO’s new Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020 has been approved by the Fair Work Commission.

The new Enterprise Agreement (EA) will begin operation on 14 August 2017 and nominally expire on 14 November 2020.

New resources 

Where is the new CSIRO Enterprise Agreement?

The new CSIRO Enterprise Agreement has not yet materialised, despite the conclusion of the all staff vote some four weeks ago.

“We had hoped that the final approval process would be completed in a timely fashion and that CSIRO staff would receive the new agreement – and a long overdue pay increase – by this stage,” Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said.

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Enterprise bargaining at CSIRO draws to a close

The CSIRO bargaining process is due to be finalised over coming weeks following the approval of Executive’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) proposal via an all staff ballot.

Management’s second EA offer was approved by a vote of 58 per cent with 77 per cent of eligible CSIRO staff participating in the ballot.

Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said that despite the loss of important CSIRO workplace rights and conditions, the union accepted the result.

Full update here.

Narrow Yes vote secures new CSIRO enterprise agreement

CSIRO staff have narrowly voted to approve a new enterprise agreement, with their reluctance underlining the importance and difficulty management faces in rebuilding trust in the organisation.

The agreement was secured with a 57.74% Yes vote. The ballot closed late on Thursday night, with 77% of eligible CSIRO staff participating.

It was the second time CSIRO staff had voted during the current round of bargaining, following on from last October’s 70% No vote.

“CSIRO scientists, researchers and other staff deserved better than this deal, particularly given their pay has been frozen for well over three years, but it is a significant improvement on what was previously being offered,” said CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood.

Read the complete media release here.

Ballot completed 

The all staff vote on the CSIRO Executive’s proposed Enterprise Agreement (EA) has now concluded.

Management’s proposal has been approved by a vote of 58 per cent with 77 per cent of staff participating in the ballot.

While accepting the result of the vote, the Staff Association is disappointed with the outcome. We estimate that 20 per cent of CSIRO working conditions have been lost in the process.

However the result is clear and CSIRO staff have exercised their democratic rights in voting to accept Executive’s proposal.

The Staff Association will produce more detail of the key changes to CSIRO conditions in coming days.

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Useful resources 

National workplace meetings are largely completed.

Time for CSIRO staff to weigh up Executive’s second enterprise agreement offer

CSIRO Executive has stated that an all staff vote on a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) will be held from Friday 16 June. Management’s first proposal was soundly rejected by staff in November 2016 by a vote of more than two-to-one.

While this second EA offer represents significant improvement on the initial offer, the Staff Association estimates that up to 20 per cent of legal safeguards for workplace conditions stand to be lost because of the application of the Government’s bargaining policy; in return for a pay increase that translates to less than one per cent per annum over the bargaining round.

Read the complete update here.

Management materials 

Serious cuts to CSIRO rights still on the table

The most recent bargaining meeting resulted in some late developments to CSIRO Executive’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) proposal, however these last minute changes have done little to mitigate significant cuts to CSIRO rights and working conditions contained in the existing EA.

Concessions by management to retain EA clauses on childcare and bureaucracy reduction are important, but there was no other movement on key issues – including consultation – during this set of negotiations

Read more here.


The Staff Association has produced an updated analysis of the bargaining position – compared clause by clause – with the existing enterprise agreement. The document identifies the status of each clause either as agreed or not agreed.

Please read the complete analysis and let us know if you have any questions.

APSC and CSIRO Executive leave the worst until last

The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) has stepped up the attack on CSIRO rights and working conditions with changes to Executive’s proposed agreement.

The latest intervention has removed all rights to staff consultation before decisions are made at CSIRO.

As a result, CSIRO staff and the Staff Association will not be able to seek consultation until after a ‘definite decision’ has been made by management and that consultation can only occur on what is interpreted as a ‘major change’.

Find out more here.

APSC intervention damages CSIRO Enterprise Agreement proposal

CSIRO Executive bargaining representatives have informed the Staff Association of significant Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) intervention on the latest enterprise agreement (EA) proposal only just recently reviewed by CSIRO employees.

The APSC has targeted new clauses and content that have specifically not been discussed since negotiations recommenced in November last year; following the comprehensive rejection by CSIRO staff of management’s first proposal.

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CSIRO Executive to release full agreement proposal to staff

The CSIRO Executive has provided staff with a full Enterprise Agreement proposal for review. The time period for the review will be at least all of Easter and the April 2017 school holiday period.

Approximately 90 per cent of the rights and conditions of the existing Enterprise Agreement (EA) would be retained. 79 issues have been agreed. 15 issues are not agreed, mainly due to the application of the Government’s bargaining policy, which has stripped some rights and prevented enhancements to conditions.

Read the complete update here.

CSIRO Executive table pay offer ahead of proposed agreement release

Enterprise bargaining negotiations continue with CSIRO Executive on track to release an enterprise agreement proposal for review over the Easter break.

However management’s pay offer – effectively less than 1 per cent per annum given the three year delay – will leave CSIRO staff well behind comparative salary levels across the research industry.

Read more here.

Negotiations near completion but can CSIRO Executive win the trust of staff?

Enterprise bargaining negotiations continue to proceed swiftly with the release of a complete, revised Enterprise Agreement (EA) proposal on the cards before the Easter break.

However as this latest negotiation effort nears completion, questions are being asked whether CSIRO Executive have done enough to win the trust and support of staff.

Full update here.

Negotiation focus narrows to CSIRO job security and pay

Enterprise bargaining at CSIRO continues to progress with another productive negotiation meeting resulting in proposals retaining key workplace conditions and rights in an enforceable agreement.

However progress on several critical issues including term employment, outsourcing and a pay increase remains elusive.

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Progress at negotiations despite threats to CSIRO job security, careers and pay

Further progress has been made at enterprise agreement negotiations with the Staff Association and management bargaining teams reaching agreement on a number of clauses that will see important workplace conditions and rights retained.

However on the crucial areas of job security, careers and pay; recent discussions have highlighted the significant gap between the views of staff and the CSIRO Executive team.

Read more here.


Join the Staff Association 

As enterprise bargaining at CSIRO gathers pace, the role of Staff Association members and delegates play in growing our union becomes increasingly important.

The Staff Association has produced specific resources encouraging recruitment during this critical time.

Is CSIRO Executive starting to shift on enterprise bargaining?

seismograph machine earthquakeLast week’s enterprise agreement negotiations resulted in the most significant positive movement from CSIRO Executive since the bargaining process started three years ago.

It appears the Executive may be starting to shift positions on a range of key issues.

However will it be enough to achieve a fair deal for CSIRO staff?

Read more here.

wordcloud-5Survey results confirm big trouble for CSIRO Executive

The results of a Staff Association bargaining survey – conducted in the months following last October’s enterprise agreement ballot – highlight huge problems for CSIRO’s Executive in managing employee relations.

More than two and a half years beyond the nominal expiry of the current enterprise agreement, the Executive Team’s failure to prioritise the working conditions and rights of staff is needlessly compounding the plethora of challenges of working in today’s CSIRO.

Read more here.

Staff Association targets breakthrough on bargaining

roadclosureNegotiators from the Staff Association will seek to break the enterprise bargaining impasse at CSIRO during negotiations with management this February.

Three days of talks – scheduled in Canberra from 22-24 February – represent the first genuine opportunity for CSIRO management to change course following the results of last November’s enterprise agreement ballot.

More here.


Call for Chief Executive, Board and Minister to fix CSIRO bargaining mess

The Staff Association has made a direct appeal to Senior CSIRO leaders and the Science Minister to provide a solution to the CSIRO bargaining stalemate; following the 70 per cent defeat of management’s enterprise agreement offer in the recent all staff ballot.

Read more here.

aus-senateSenate Inquiry into public sector bargaining chaos

The public sector bargaining stalemate is set for a showdown in the Senate, with the Education and Employment References Committee to conduct a quick fire inquiry into the Coalition Government’s bargaining framework.

Full report here.

CSIRO staff reject agreement that cuts rights and conditions

CSIRO Executive’s controversial enterprise agreement proposal has been thoroughly rejected by a margin of more than 70 per cent.

Turnout was high, with more than three-quarters of staff (76 per cent) participating in the ballot. The Executive Team’s proposal was designed to strip important conditions and rights from the legally protected enterprise agreement.

It is the first time in living memory that CSIRO staff have voted to reject a proposed agreement. The ballot was also the first occasion that CSIRO staff had an opportunity to vo70-percent-vote-note since bargaining negotiations commenced in July 2014.

Read the complete update here.

CSIRO staff to vote on cuts to workplace rights and conditions

After more than two years since the nominal expiry of the current enterprise agreement – and something of a false start in September – management will finally ask CSIRO staff to vote on their proposed replacement that will strip many important workplace rights in return for a paltry pay offer.

Key dates

  • Formal consideration period – Monday 17 to Sunday 23 October
  • EA ballot opens – Monday 24 October
  • EA ballot closes – Monday 31 October

Management’s proposal is the worst workplace deal offered to CSIRO staff in the organisation’s history.

The Staff Association strongly encourages all staff to ‘Vote No’, reject the proposal and keep the pressure on CSIRO management and the Government to come up with a better offer.

What happen if we vote No?

If CSIRO staff vote to legally protect their conditions and rights by rejecting the Executive’s proposal, what happens next?

A strong ‘No’ vote will intensify pressure on CSIRO Executive to make a better and fairer agreement. Voting ‘No’ on 24 October is the first step to a better deal.

Download the poster herevote-no-24-october.

New material 

Campaign resources 

The Staff Association has prepared an updated, detailed analysis of management’s proposal.

Comparison documents 

Management documents 

Recent bargaining updates

Bargaining farce continues as CSIRO cancels agreement vote – September 2016

Senior management has abruptly cancelled the all staff enterprise agreement vote planned for 19 September, throwing the CSIRO bargaining process into further confusion.

The ballot on the proposed agreement – set to open on 19 September – has been called off and management will instead re-start the bargaining process by re-issuing all staff with a Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR).

Following the (fourth) issue of the NERR; CSIRO will meet with bargaining representatives and the union within 14 days. Negotiations will (again) commence and the Staff Association will keep members informed of any developments.

Second management offer just as bad as the first – September 2016

Management’s second offer is consistent with the Coalition Government’s discredited bargaining strategy that continues to wreak havoc across the public sector.

It’s obviously an important opportunity for all CSIRO staff to stand up for their workplace rights and conditions.

However the vote is also a chance for us all to send an emphatic message to Larry Marshall and the Government that further cuts to our work at CSIRO need to stop.

First management offer strips CSIRO conditions and rights – 2015

More than a year after the nominal expiry date of the current agreement, CSIRO management have served up a terrible deal that cuts conditions and strips rights in return for paltry pay increases.

What is clear is that management’s offer is firmly in line with the Government’s unworkable bargaining policy – which mandates cuts to working conditions, rights and pay.

Members strike to protect CSIRO conditions and rights

In a series of workplace meetings across the country in 2015, Staff Association members flatly rejected CSIRO management’s proposed agreement which seeks to strip important rights and working conditions.

In response, the Staff Association Council met and endorsed a national two hour strike (9am-11am local time) on Thursday 19 November 2015 – unless CSIRO Executive and Human Resources immediately changed their unworkable approach to bargaining

This escalation followed increasing industrial action across the Federal public sector, most recently CPSU members at Border Force and Immigration who are striking and implementing work bans in opposition to the Government’s unfair bargaining rules.

Read more here.

Useful resources 

Strong support for Protected Industrial Action

The results of the Protected Action Ballot of Staff Association members demonstrated very strong support to escalate the campaign to protect working conditions and rights at CSIRO. 72 per cent of members participated in the ballot, with each form of protected industrial action supported by more than 88 per cent of the members that voted.

This was a great result and is a credit to the hard work of Staff Association members and delegates. For more information on protected industrial action, click here.

Bargaining position 

Staff Association members voted to endorse the union’s bargaining position – in November 2013 – by an overwhelming majority. Nearly 800 members participated in the online ballot, with over 91 per cent of electors voting to approve the position.

The bargaining position was based on the responses of nearly on thousand Staff Association members who took part in an online bargaining survey. To read the Staff Association Bargaining Position, click here.

Management Principles 

In July 2014, CSIRO management released documents indicating they have chosen to support the Government’s hostile bargaining agenda which aims to strip protections, weaken job security and ransom pay increases at the expense of working conditions. To read CSIRO management’s Principles and Proposals, click here.

Bargaining updates

CSIRO Staff Association produces regular updates for union members regarding the process of negotiations.

How you can help 

Staff Association members are encouraged to register as Enterprise Bargaining campaign volunteers. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in a range of activities, including speaking to other staff members, distributing information on the progress of negotiations and other workplace activities.

To find out more, please email csstaff@cpsu.org.au with you name and contact details.


Join the Staff Association 

Membership matters. The best way to support the campaign is by joining or asking a colleague to join the CSIRO Staff Association.

Email csstaff@cpsu.org.au for more information about union membership.

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  1. As someone who has been firstly a casual, then specified term and now 2 year term employee my interest is in maintaining the “indefinite employment as preferred option” clause in the current EA. As a father with a mortgage this is very important to me.


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