Kill the Spill and Fill

The CSIRO Staff Association cannot prevent redundancies but we are campaigning to ensure the 2011 agreement prevents the brutish ‘spill and fill’ practice occurring in CSIRO workplaces in the future.

If staff numbers must be reduced, our members advocate for redeployment or other processes such as voluntary redundancy to be the first step.

The spill and fill process is detrimental to productivity and affects staff both directly and indirectly.

The Staff Association represents the interests of members identified as potentially excess.  The current enterprise agreement sets out a process by which potentially excess employees are notified and consulted.  We ensure these processes are followed, ensure there is consultation, ensure directly affected members are provided with relevant information and ensure directly affected members take appropriate professional advice on their options.

In a redundancy situation, other employees who are not potentially identified as excess can also be indirectly affected by redundancies.  Employees who continue to work in group may experience increased workloads, new reporting structures or a reduction in advancement or transfer opportunities.  The consequences for those indirectly affected employees must not be overlooked by CSIRO.

Our members describe the spill and fill as “anti-human” and deplore the poor and conflicting advice often given by HR. Some HR managers have misrepresented to a staff member that if  they didn’t apply for a ‘spilled’ position they had effectively resigned.

If you want advice on this process, access the link to the CSIRO intranet capability page and contact your delegate or seek advice from the Staff Assciation. Our industrial advice and representation is free for members.

Contact the CSIRO Staff Association.

Discuss Redundancy – why are people treated like this?

Discuss accountability of Executive Management.


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