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The CSIRO Staff Association is a section of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU). It represents the industrial and professional interests of employees of the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation), the Anglo-Australian Observatory, and Co-operative Research Centres and supports members in the National Measurement Institute who were formerly staff of the National Measurement Laboratory in CSIRO prior to July 2004.

CSIRO staffing cap strategy shrouded in secrecy

CSIRO Executive’s efforts to relieve staffing cap pressures remain under wraps, with senior management refusing to support a Staff Association initiative to make a formal application for an Average Staffing Level (ASL) exemption to the Federal Government.

The Staff Association motion – moved at December’s Consultative Council meeting – called for CSIRO Executive to make an application to the Federal Government for a cap exemption before 1 January 2020; specifically seeking staffing relief for ‘all of CSIRO’s operations that are funded by non-appropriation sources, including business and industry.’

CSIRO Executive instead appear to be maintaining a less-than-transparent ASL management strategy, citing discussions with government departments as a way forward to staffing cap relief; a Freedom of Information request by the Staff Association returned only a limited number of heavily redacted ASL documents.

Meanwhile the Department of Finance revealed that 20 ASL offset exemptions have been approved across the public sector since October 2018.

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A big year ahead for bargaining at CSIRO

The defeat of the CSIRO Executive’s option for a ‘determination’ and early progress in negotiations has set up a big year for bargaining in 2020.

Progress so far

Three negotiation meetings between the representatives of the Staff Association and CSIRO have so far:

  • Established frequent negotiation meetings, the next scheduled for 20 January
  • Commenced a clause-by-clause process for negotiating bargaining issues
  • Confirmed the current Enterprise Agreement (EA) as the foundation for the new agreement
  • Reached agreement in-principle on 11 of 17 clauses in Parts A and B of the EA.

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Scott Morrison dismantles departments in wide-ranging public sector overhaul

Federal Government departments will be dismantled and top leaders dismissed as part of a major shake-up of the public sector, writes Brett Worthington.

PRIME MINSTER SCOTT MORRISON has moved to stamp his authority on the bureaucracy, with the number of departments cut from 18 to 14.

The overhaul will see the merger of some departments — including the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources with the Department of Environment — in a move Mr Morrison insists will cut bureaucratic red tape and lead to better services.

Mr Morrison said five heads of departments would lose their jobs in the changes, which take effect on February 1. He said there would be no changes to his ministry.

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