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The CSIRO Staff Association is a section of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU). It represents the industrial and professional interests of employees of the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation), the Anglo-Australian Observatory, and Co-operative Research Centres and supports members in the National Measurement Institute who were formerly staff of the National Measurement Laboratory in CSIRO prior to July 2004.

CSIRO Business Infrastructure Services review gathers pace


An Executive Team review into the functionality of CSIRO Business Infrastructure Services (CBIS) is gathering pace with the release of an Ernst & Young report (EY) that could herald a major shakeup for the unit’s staff, structure and operations.

The review is operating in parallel to an internal investigation – conducted by Chief Executive Larry Marshall and Chief Operating Officer Hazel Bennett – sparked by revelations that the Australian Federal Police are set to scrutinise fraud allegations surrounding former CBIS Director Mark Wallis (pictured).

Following the release of the EY report, CSIRO Executive has now moved into a second phase of consultation with CBIS staff involving a series of workshops around the country.

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CSIRO Health, Safety and Environment unit set for overhaul

An early review report into CSIRO Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) strategy has generated debate with commentary suggesting that ‘significant divergences of perspectives… will have significant implications for what the future HSE model looks like.’

While the review –  conducted by external consultants Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) – has yet to release final recommendations; the draft report has revealed a wide divergence of opinion regarding the future location, range, funding and ultimate responsibility for HSE delivery.

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Marshall champions CSIRO and Australian science at National Press Club


Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall provided an upbeat assessment of CSIRO’s future in an assured and confident address to the National Press Club in Canberra, showcasing a range of the organisation’s research while announcing a break through in carbon fibre manufacturing.

In his first nationally televised address since taking the reins at CSIRO, Dr Marshall encouraged the audience to “come back to science, to feel optimistic about our future, and… get a glimpse of these ephemeral ‘jobs of the future’ we keep hearing about.”

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