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The CSIRO Staff Association is a section of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU). It represents the industrial and professional interests of employees of the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation), the Anglo-Australian Observatory, and Co-operative Research Centres and supports members in the National Measurement Institute who were formerly staff of the National Measurement Laboratory in CSIRO prior to July 2004.

Inside Melissa Price’s decision to approve Adani’s groundwater plan

If Environment Minister Melissa Price didn’t give the go ahead before an election was called, an opportunity would be lost, write Stephen Long and Michael Slezak.

IN TERMS of the careful language used by scientists and bureaucrats, the assessment was damning.

Adani’s key water management plan for its coal mine in Queensland was so flawed its outcomes were unreliable, scientists from the CSIRO warned federal Environment Minister Melissa Price’s department.

They were scathing about the modelling that underpinned the entire plan, which, they said, was replete with errors and false assumptions.

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CSIRO moves to clarify Area Custodian role

Staff Association representatives recently met with senior management to be briefed on changes to the Area Custodian, previously Laboratory Custodian, procedure.

CSIRO management is planning to improve the consistency of how the role is applied across the organisation by reviewing the current procedure, which is out of date.

A draft intranet page to outline the scope of the Area Custodian role and associated guidance on its function was provided to the Staff Association as part of ongoing consultation and engagement with staff.

An excerpt from the existing Laboratory Safety Procedure with all of the currently available information on the Laboratory Custodian (now Area Custodian) role was also provided.

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Thousands march in campaign to Change the Rules

Thousands of Australian workers went off the job on Wednesday, marching to demand better conditions and increased wages.

Melbourne streets were blocked as a crowd, which organisers claimed to be 100,000 people, chanted through the CBD.

Other Change the Rules rallies were held in 14 centres across the country including Cairns, Launceston and Perth.

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