Narrow Yes vote secures new CSIRO enterprise agreement


CSIRO staff have narrowly voted to approve a new enterprise agreement, with their reluctance underlining the importance and difficulty management faces in rebuilding trust in the organisation.

The agreement was secured with a 57.74% Yes vote. The ballot closed late on Thursday night, with 77% of eligible CSIRO staff participating.

It was the second time CSIRO staff had voted during the current round of bargaining, following on from last October’s 70% No vote.

“CSIRO scientists, researchers and other staff deserved better than this deal, particularly given their pay has been frozen for well over three years, but it is a significant improvement on what was previously being offered,” said CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood.

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CSIRO Enterprise Agreement ballot opens today – VOTE NO

The ballot on Executive’s proposed Enterprise Agreement (EA) is now open and it’s time for all CSIRO staff to vote on the offer.

The Staff Association urges all CSIRO staff to participate in the process. Members should consider the information the Staff Association has provided on management’s proposal.

If adopted, Executive’s proposal would remove 20 per cent of enforceable rights and working conditions from the current EA; including those relating to job security, consultation and representation.

On this basis, the Staff Association recommends that all CSIRO staff Vote No.

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Time for CSIRO staff to weigh up Executive’s second enterprise agreement offer

CSIRO Executive has stated that an all staff vote on a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) will be held from Friday 16 June. Management’s first proposal was soundly rejected by staff in November 2016 by a vote of more than two-to-one.

While this second EA offer represents significant improvement on the initial offer, the Staff Association estimates that up to 20 per cent of legal safeguards for workplace conditions stand to be lost because of the application of the Government’s bargaining policy; in return for a pay increase that translates to less than one per cent per annum over the bargaining round.

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