Pedal Power

CPSU staff member Simon Frazer is setting off this Friday, 13 October, on a bicycle odyssey to raise money for an important cause, the Black Dog Institute.

In the very early hours of October 13, Simon and around fifty other cyclists will set off on the Zoo2Zoo, an annual three-day 430km-ride from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo to Dubbo’s Western Plains Zoo.

Simon says, “It’s going to be an enormous physical and mental challenge, but riding for the Black Dog Institute and its important work in understanding, preventing and treating mental illness is definitely going to help me keep my legs turning.”

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Staff survey shows CSIRO is still far from ok


The results of CSIRO’s all staff survey – which achieved an impressive 74 per cent participation rate – paint a picture of an organisation slowly rebuilding shattered confidence but still cast adrift from national and global workforce benchmarks.

Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said the results revealed some slight improvements over the past twelve months, it was important to remember that these small increases have come off a very, very low base.

“The Staff Association pays credit where due; the increased survey participation rate is impressive. Communication within the organisation has improved and that’s been noticed. Staff confidence in immediate supervisors and line managers remains resilient and strong.

“However confidence in CSIRO’s senior leadership, strategic direction and capacity to manage change remains abysmally low. These ratings must start to drastically improve,” Mr Popovski said.

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CSIRO spends up on satellite amid Australian scramble for space

CSIRO will spend upwards of $10 million for a seven year time-share on a new satellite that will deliver Australian researchers access to high resolution terrestrial imagery using S-band Synthetic Aperture Radar.

The announcement comes as both major Australian political parties made fresh pitches to the local research community by each undertaking to establish a national space agency.

News that Australia would join most OECD nations and develop a domestic space industry was received positively, however a lack of detail and dollars ensured most reaction remained on the launching pad.

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