Journey Insurance

From door to door, Staff Association members are covered.

All CSIRO employees deserve a healthy and safe workplace.

So when things go wrong with work – be it through accident, illness or injury – people should be looked after.

However did you know that you are not covered by workers’ compensation during travel to and from the workplace?

Unless you are a Staff Association member, that is.


In 2007, the then Howard Government cut workers’ compensation coverage for Federal Government workers – including CSIRO, AAO & NMI employees – by changing the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act. These changes removed workers’ compensation protections for travel and rest breaks.

Members are protected

The Staff Association believes that journey to and from work should be protected, as it relates to employment with CSIRO. So since 2007, free journey insurance – a form of income protection insurance – has been provided to Staff Association and CPSU members.

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If you have an accident and are seriously injured on your journey to or from the workplace and don’t have enough sick leave credits to cover time off work, the income protection insurance kicks in. However this protection is only available to union members.

Join the Staff Association

Journey protection insurance is provided, free of charge, to Staff Association members. This income protection takes effect as soon as you become a member.

For more information about Staff Association membership, speak to your local delegate, email to or call (03) 8620 6348.