Term Employment and Post-Doc working conditions targeted

CSIRO management have used the third round of bargaining negotiations to propose a radical overhaul of the rights and workplace conditions of Term Employees, including Post-Doctoral Fellows.

While still to table a formal position on pay, management have provided a briefing on CSIRO’s finances, revealing just how much has been budgeted for labour costs over the next three years.

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CSIRO to cut research into infectious disease and biosecurity

Government cuts to science are set to hit CSIRO’s ground-breaking research into infectious disease with up to eight researchers at Geelong’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) set to lose their jobs.

CSIRO scientists at the laboratory recently began research into the deadly Ebola virus, currently the subject of a deadly outbreak throughout parts of West Africa.

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Staff call for genuine consultation on consolidation project

More than five hundred CSIRO staff in Canberra recently participated in the Staff Association ACT workspace survey. Staff Association Treasurer Scott Wilkinson examines the results and the widening gap between management principles and staff expectations.

AT THIS busy and difficult time, staff clearly expressed the importance they place on the site consolidation delivering suitable built accommodation from the $195 million project investment, and the impact on productivity and morale that inadequate facilities can have.

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Management plan attack on CSIRO redundancy conditions

With morale at record lows and job insecurity rife in the face of hundreds of staff cuts, CSIRO management have revealed a plan to make it easier, quicker and cheaper to sack employees.

Management dropped the bargaining bombshell during the second round of negotiations with the Staff Association for a new CSIRO enterprise agreement. In addition to the extraordinary attack on redundancy conditions, salary progression will also be targeted by management – all straight from the Federal Government’s playbook to strip workplace rights, cut conditions and drive down pay.

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