CSIRO cuts a body blow to Australian science

The CPSU and CSIRO Staff Association have condemned the Government over the mass axing of 350 more scientists, slashing Australia’s capacity to predict and adapt to climate change.

Today’s announcement of the wholesale job cuts over the next two years, mainly in the CSIRO’s Oceans and Atmosphere and Land and Water divisions, is just the latest body blow by the Government to Australia’s premier science organisation.

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CSIRO researchers to share in $730m from cancer drug sale

women samples innovation govA group of Australia’s top cancer research organisations including CSIRO will share in a $730 million licensing deal of a promising cancer therapy drug sold to US pharmaceutical company Merck.

Cancer Therapeutics CRC’s Australian research partners including CSIRO, Monash University, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute will take the majority of the funds, while Merck works on further development, clinical trials and potentially future worldwide release to the public.

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Thank you from the Staff Association

borgas_michael_1_1As 2015 draws to a close, President Dr Michael Borgas pays tribute to the work of Staff Association members, delegates, councillors and staff members while reflecting on the challenges facing CSIRO.

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE, the more they stay the same. CSIRO now at the ‘centre of innovation policy,’ but is still challenged. Science and working conditions for scientists are under threat. Innovation may mean doing more for less, but the workers in CSIRO demand more than rhetoric.

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