First cuts to jobs and research, now management targets working conditions

Confirming fears that they will pursue the Government’s regressive bargaining agenda, CSIRO management have used the first set of formal negotiations to reveal their intent to strip protections, rights and content from more than 50 per cent of the clauses in the current enterprise agreement.

The move to attack working conditions comes hard on the heels of the Federal Budget which slashed science funding resulting in hundreds of CSIRO job losses, deep cuts to research and site closures.

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Have CSIRO management shown their true colours?

After months of delay and less than a week before negotiations for a new enterprise agreement, management have finally revealed their vision for the future of CSIRO working conditions – and it isn’t pretty.

CSIRO management have released documents indicating they have chosen to pursue the Government’s hostile bargaining agenda which aims to strip protections, weaken job security and ransom pay increases at the expense of working conditions.

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Latest CSIRO cuts put forestry, bushfire and ecological research at risk

Bushfire11Government budget cuts continue to wreak havoc at Australia’s premier science organisation, with internal CSIRO documents revealing that dozens of scientists specialising in ecological research are now at risk.

In formal advice provided to the Staff Association, management forecast that up to forty positions in CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences are set to go from locations around the country. There are fears that jobs in Forestry System Sciences – covering forest management and bushfire dynamics – will be particularly hard hit.

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