Not just CSIRO: industrial action escalates across public sector

CSIRO senior management continue to support the Federal Government’s regressive bargaining policy and have failed to put forward a position on pay or offer a replacement enterprise agreement to staff; despite having received the Staff Association’s bargaining position some 18 months ago.

It is now nearly two years since CSIRO staff had a pay rise and senior management remain committed to a policy that aims to cut many working conditions and rights that have been hard won over many years. This includes stripping over 45 clauses from the legally protected agreement only to be replaced by unenforceable policy that can be altered at management’s whim and without staff agreement.

The problems facing CSIRO staff are identical to the situation faced by workers across the public sector. The Abbott Government’s bargaining strategy is widely viewed as the harshest adopted by any major employer in Australia, however resistance is growing and industrial action is spreading across the federal public sector.

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Lacklustre budget fails to repair cuts to CSIRO

The Abbott Government’s second budget has done little to repair the state of public sector science and will instead entrench last year’s deep funding cuts to research; the union representing workers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has warned.

CSIRO Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski criticised both the lack of focus on science and innovation and the failure of the Federal Government to repair funding to the CSIRO following last year’s record $115 million budget cut to the nation’s premier research organisation.

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