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About Us

About CPSU Real Estate Valuers

Rooted in Tradition, Built on Expertise
In the heart of Perth, a story began that has, over the years, etched its mark in the annals of property valuation. CPSU Real Estate Valuers, a name synonymous with precision and reliability, was not always the expansive venture you see today. Instead, our foundations were humble, rooted deeply in a small family-run business that was fueled by passion, determination, and a vision.

Our Journey

More than a business, it was a dream. A dream where quality and trust were paramount. Born out of a living room discussion and nurtured with dedication and hard work, we gradually evolved. Over time, our family expanded, not just by numbers but by expertise. We assimilated the best in the industry, creating a team that today stands as an embodiment of knowledge, professionalism, and experience.
From the leafy suburbs to the bustling commercial hubs of Perth, we’ve seen the city transform, and with it, we have fine-tuned our skills, always keeping pace with Perth’s dynamic property landscape.

Our Values

  1. Integrity: Being a family business, we’ve always valued the trust our clients place in us. Our assessments and valuations are always transparent and honest.
  2. Commitment: Each property we evaluate, be it a cozy home or a sprawling commercial space, gets the same meticulous attention and unwavering dedication.
  3. Expertise: We continually invest in learning and growing, ensuring our team is always abreast with the latest industry trends and insights.

Why Choose CPSU?

Our legacy is built on a blend of traditional values and modern expertise. While we’ve grown in size and capability, our core remains unchanged – providing reliable and accurate property valuations to all our clients. It’s this unique mix of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, that sets CPSU Real Estate Valuers apart.
Here’s to the future, as we continue our journey, value by value, always holding close to our heart the principles and dreams on which CPSU was founded.
Join us, and be a part of our continuing legacy.