New Council resolves to bust bargaining impasse


council-croppedCSIRO Staff Association Councillors met in Melbourne recently to discuss a range of topics – headed by the resolution of enterprise bargaining – and to appoint new Executive and Council members to vacancies created due to redundancies.

Job security, CSIRO structure and strategy, diversity and inclusion, science policy and community campaigning also featured in conversation.

Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said that the two day meeting focused heavily on breaking the bargaining deadlock at CSIRO.

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Delegates make the difference

patrick-and-sam-croppedVolunteering as a Staff Association delegate is not only a way to put something back into the CSIRO workplace, it’s also an opportunity to develop your communication, problem-solving and negotiation skills, writes Sam Popovski. 

AS A MEMBER driven, not-for-profit organisation that is democratic, open and transparent; the work of delegates is at the heart of the Staff Association’s activities.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had cause to reflect on this special job our delegates perform. Sadly, last year’s redundancies meant saying farewell to several Staff Association representatives who have represented their fellow members with distinction.

Delegates are volunteer members with official status within the Staff Association and in the workplace. Delegates play a crucial role supporting colleagues, and help keep the CSIRO workforce stay connected.

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Australian Scientists Have Advice for Dealing With Trump

dj_trumpA succession of conservative governments in Australia cut funding for climate science and censored scientific reports, and researchers say political organising is key in beating back attacks on scientific integrity, writes Harry Pearl. 

AUSTRALIAN SCIENTISTS are rallying behind their counterparts in the United States amid fears that President Donald Trump could ram through a damaging anti-science agenda over the next four years.

Trump’s moves to censor federal government scientific departments and undermine the integrity of climate research have triggered sympathy and anger in Australia, where many scientists believe the country’s conservative government has conducted a similar assault on science over the past few years.

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Survey results confirm big trouble for CSIRO Executive

wordcloud-5The results of a Staff Association bargaining survey – conducted in the months following last October’s enterprise agreement ballot – highlight huge problems for CSIRO’s Executive in managing employee relations.

More than two and a half years beyond the nominal expiry of the current enterprise agreement, the Executive Team’s failure to prioritise the working conditions and rights of staff is needlessly compounding the plethora of challenges of working in today’s CSIRO.

“Nearly 300 CSIRO staff completed the survey between last November and the end of January,” Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said.

“The results make for sobering reading.”

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