Are you receiving the right superannuation?

CSIRO staff can receive 15.4% superannuation contributions as part of remuneration.

Unfortunately, many people starting work at CSIRO are not properly informed that staff only receive 15.4% if they choose to join the PSSap superannuation fund. Staff whose superannuation contributions go into other funds only receive 9.5%.

That’s a 5.9% difference in your remuneration! Check your payslip and contact the Staff Association at if you’re in this situation.

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Keeping track of progress in bargaining at CSIRO

As union and management representatives continue to make decent headway at the bargaining table, the Staff Association has produced a dynamic analysis document to allow members to track the progress of CSIRO negotiations at clause-by-clause.

Meanwhile, the Staff Association has launched a survey seeking the opinions of members on Postdoc employment conditions at CSIRO, to represent these views during Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations.

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Staff representatives plan next steps in ASL campaign

Staff Association representatives will use a national council meeting this week to plan next steps in the campaign against the implementation of the Government’s staffing cap at CSIRO.

CSIRO Section Councillors – directly elected by Staff Association members from across the country – will meet in Melbourne to determine the union’s direction in 2020; with particular focus on the twin issues of enterprise bargaining and Average Staffing Level (ASL) cap restrictions.

The meeting comes as the latest staffing figures from CSIRO management show the loss of nearly 400 jobs in the last six months as ASL pressures escalated.

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