A vital time and an important election for CSIRO staff

Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski outlines what’s at stake for CSIRO staff at this Federal Election.

FOR AUSTRALIAN SCIENCE, the political instability of recent times has been incredibly damaging.

The Government’s National Science and Innovation Agenda has failed to deliver, with research and development now down to 1.8 per cent of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product, the lowest it’s ever been. This is despite the emphasis on government funds, including CSIRO’s, being used to attract business investment.

We’ve had thirteen science Ministers in just over a decade. Only Labor’s Kim Carr can claim to have been Minister long enough to develop and implement a plan for Australian science and technology.

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Parties use science to set themselves apart

The major parties have laid out their science and technology platform for Australian voters, with clear differences in their approach and vision for empowering the solutions sector.

Responding to a survey from peak body Science & Technology Australia (STA), the Coalition, the Labor Party and the Greens have all given clear answers to issues of significance to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

All parties committed to having a Science Minister in Cabinet and to supporting diversity and inclusion in STEM. Major differences arose in the parties’ approaches to investment in STEM research, infrastructure and education.

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What’s at stake for CPSU members this election

This year, Australians will go to the polls in an important federal election – it’s an opportunity for us to make a real difference to change the way our government respects and delivers on the needs of our citizens and communities.

For CPSU members working in the public sector, this election has a major impact because it determines so much of our working lives including who sets policy on our pay and conditions, and our capacity to deliver quality services.

Our members have been clear about the key issues they face and what needs to change to make things fair. CPSU members have worked together to develop a bold plan and build community and political support for our agenda.

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