Marshall shakes up CSIRO Executive Team


CSIRO’s Executive Team is set for a major overhaul, with the imminent departure of Deputy Chief Executive Craig Roy leading to a restructure with changes to key positions.

In announcing the changes, CSIRO Chief Executive Larry Marshall said the new look Executive Team (ET) would “more directly connect to our people and our science by including some roles that were previously on the CSIRO Leadership Team,” promising that the moves would allow the organisation “to focus on our people, science, and customers.”

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The Government’s very bad public sector bargaining policy just got worse


The Federal Government has updated bargaining rules for the public sector and the good news is… well there isn’t any.

Despite the controversial policy’s role in breaking bargaining processes across the country and stagnating wages – including at CSIRO – the Turnbull Government has doubled down on its regressive approach.

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CSIRO and Staff Association step up to protect overseas Postdocs

Following widespread confusion in the wake of Government changes to skilled visas, the Staff Association can report that CSIRO Recruitment Services have developed a comprehensive response to protect the international cohort of the organisation’s postdoctoral fellows.

In the lead up to last year’s Federal Budget, the Turnbull Government announced an overhaul of the skilled migration program – commonly referred to as 457 visas – in a shock move that sparked concerns across many business sectors; including science and research.

With a lack of practical detail on the cards and major concerns regarding the new policy implementation, the Government’s mooted changed to skilled migration drew criticism from industry players such as Microsoft and Google.

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APA clean-up job underway due to Staff Association action

The clean-up of CSIRO’s messy Annual Performance Agreement process – due in no small part to Staff Association pressure – is underway in a major win for learning, training and development opportunities for workers across the organisation.

In July last year, the Staff Association lodged a formal dispute in relation to the application CSIRO Enterprise Agreement (EA); alleging widespread breaches of the required timeframes of the Annual Performance Agreement (APA) process in several CSIRO business units including the inconsistent application of reward assessment procedures.

Many Staff Association members and delegates provided examples of staff being disadvantaged in APA and reward assessments, not to mention directions to comply with deadlines that were not consistent with the requirements of the EA.

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Science meets Parliament 2018

Science meets Parliament is an annual event – hosted by Science and Technology Australia – that seeks to close the gap between the Australian science community and Parliament. Across the two days there’s a full book of interesting events and inspiring speeches from people in science, industry and government.

On the first day there was a variety of voices speaking on the need to tailor and refine political messaging. A mix of journalists, political lobbyists, outreach professionals and scientists shared their viewpoints. An afternoon session of workshops focused on making pitches and successful parliamentary visits.

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