Integrity test for public sector science

Sam Popovski launches the Science Integrity Charter campaign

Sam Popovski launches the Science Integrity Charter campaign

A new campaign to protect public sector science from commercial and political interference has been launched with the aim of introducing a charter to champion scientific integrity across the federal public sector.

A petition calling on Science and Research Minister Chris Evans to support the charter proposal is being circulated by CPSU members, with signatures being collected across the public sector including CSIRO, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and the Bureau of Meteorology.

“Science, innovation and research are fundamental to the economic, environmental and social needs and aspirations of the Australian community,” CSIRO Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said.

“The federal public sector is trusted to discover, apply and communicate science in a frank and fearless manner, without political or commercial interference.

“We believe science integrity is the fundamental issue that needs to be enforced in order to maximise trust from the public and to protect agencies and their staff from interference,” he said.

The union push for integrity was partly in response to political attacks on scientists that have marred public debate on issues such as climate change, genetically modified food and water management.

Read the full story in the Spring Edition of Wavelength


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