Members force some positive changes to flawed proposed finance structure

Background – Staff Association met with the CEO over finance restructure dispute.

Following a dispute notification about the finance restructure, the Staff Association met with the CEO on the 17th of June to make the following points:

– That the restructure proposal broke a written commitment by the CFO from October 2011, that finance staff would not be made redundant or be reduced in classification.

– That a further written commitment by the CFO to six CSOF Level 7 in-business staff from November 2012 was broken. The CFO committed to support and develop each of the six staff to undertake more complex work to maintain their classification, which was an outcome arising from a successful dispute by the Staff Association to prevent their positions being reverted to CSOF Level 6.

– That the feedback from Staff Association members and staff indicated that even if lower level work was separated out, that there would not be enough lower level work for the number of positions proposed.

– That the classification of the lower level work appeared to be CSOF Level 3 not CSOF Level 2.

– That Voluntary Redundancy Substitutions should be accepted by CSIRO, wherever possible.

– That Finance management could still meet its savings targets with an alternative structure that allowed for Voluntary Redundancy Substitutions and had no more than five lower level positions. This alternative would dramatically reduce the number of involuntary redundancies.

Following staff feedback and the meeting with the CEO, some positive changes have been made.

The structure now outlined by Finance management has achieved the following improvements to what was originally proposed:

– The acceptance of six Voluntary Redundancy Substitutions.

– An increase to the number of CSOF 5 positions by three.

– A significant reduction in the number of CSOF Level 2 positions from ten to five.

– All of the above means that the likely number of involuntary redundancies has been reduced to three.

Significant issues remain.

However, Finance staff continue to have major concerns about the future of the business unit. The overall declassification of the positions in the new structure will undermine career progression for staff in the future. The targeted declassification of the CSOF Level 7 in business staff will result in the likely involuntary redundancy of three highly valued staff. The appropriateness of the CSOF Level 2 classification and the number of positions for “transactional” finance work remains a contestable issue, which will need to be monitored and evaluated based on the actual work tasks allocated in the new structure.

Where to from here? Give us your views!

Please let us know your views and questions. You may do so by contacting your organiser or by emailing the Staff Association at


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