Matrix review – crucial for members to have their say

At the June meeting of the CSIRO Consultative Council – a biannual formal meeting between CSIRO Executive and the Staff Association –  Chief Executive Megan Clark agreed to a proposal from the Staff Association that CSIRO’s organisational and management structure – also known as The Matrix – should be reviewed.

The process has been named as the Organising Arrangements Review.

The Staff Association was not consulted about the terms of reference, time frame or methodology for the review.

The terms of reference can be found here.

Have your say

Members are invited to complete a short online survey. More here.

Review objectives and time frame

The objectives of the review are to develop recommendations which:

  • reduce complexity and improve clarity within the organisation – including a review of the matrix and management structures
  • achieve productivity improvement in terms of capacity to deliver profound impact, undertake creative, world class science and grow revenue; and
  • enhance the customer experience and reduce barriers to commercial collaboration.

The review is expected to take 12-14 weeks and management estimates that the process has already been running for a month.

The objective of CSIRO Executive is to prepare options for consideration at the CSIRO Board meeting in October.

Are there any limitations on what can be considered?

The CSIRO Board has mandated that CSIRO’s overall strategy and strategic plan cannot be changed as a result of the review. They have also determined that Flagships and Divisions must be retained.

What about Matrix related matters that have arisen from the Pearce (bullying) investigation?

These are being addressed through a separate review into staff welfare being conducted by Sue Davidson.

What methodology is being used?

The major information gathering is occurring through interviews. CSIRO are interviewing a select group of approximately 100 senior leaders and staff.

Staff Association representatives are also being directly interviewed.

How can members have a say?

Staff Association members can provide their opinions and experiences by completing our online survey.

Member feedback will be collated to form the basis of a Staff Association submission to the CEO and CSIRO Board.

Join today

Non-members can participate in this process by joining the Staff Association.

For more information on membership contact your local delegate, call (03) 8620 6948 or email

1 thought on “Matrix review – crucial for members to have their say

  1. This is what will get traction with non-members – If you’re not a member, you don’t know all that’s going on in the organisation.


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