Major organisational restructure rumoured at CSIRO

The CSIRO rumour mill has gone into overdrive with reports that senior management are set to undertake a major overhaul of the organisation’s structure and operations as part of the Organising Arrangements Review (OAR) – also known as the Matrix review.

Frustrated by an complete breakdown in workforce consultation around the review, the Staff Association has lodged a dispute and will hold urgent talks with senior executives in Canberra.

Meanwhile, multiple sources close to review project team suggest that the new organisational structure for CSIRO will include four sectors, nine flagships and ninety themes. Divisions – and in effect the matrix – will be abolished.

CSIRO’s maligned Matrix organisational structure has been subject to an ongoing review since June last year.

Over a thousand CSIRO employees took part in the Staff Association’s online survey into the Matrix, which formed the basis of the union’s submission into management’s review.

While the early stages of the review did feature a limited and selective consultation process, management’s approach became increasingly opaque in the final months of 2013.

Previously management had stated that the final report of the OAR would be delivered to the CSIRO board in early February.

It was further suggested that a formal announcement would be made as part of the Chief Executive’s Annual Directions Statement in March.

Staff Association representatives will be seeking clarification from management over the key features of the new structure – and the impact of jobs – as part of the dispute resolution process.

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