More details on the new structure emerge, but job fears remain

A clearer picture is emerging of the new organisational arrangements at CSIRO.

Management estimate that around 85 per cent of staff have been mapped into the nine new flagships. The 15 per cent of staff that remain requires additional consideration, as they may technically fit into two or more flagship homes.

Staff Association representatives are meeting regularly with management in an effort to get more information on the restructure and the impact on jobs at CSIRO.

Cascading process

Following Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark’s announcement of executive level appointments, management expect to announce new Flagship Directors and Deputies imminently, perhaps by the end of the week.

Detailed briefings have been scheduled with the Staff Association on the step of management’s tiered approach. This will involve positions below the Director and Deputy level, between 70 and 100 Research Program/Leader roles.

Management also plan to conduct a series of meetings involving three hundred senior CSIRO staff across major worksites.


A clearer picture of classifications under the new structure is emerging. Classifications within flagships include: 

  • Research Director – CSOF 8
  • Research Operations Manager – CSOF 6/7
  • Executive Officer CSOF 5/6
  • Executive Assistant – CSOF 3/4
  • Administration – CSOF 2/3

Staff Association representatives have requested classification information for all roles, plus updated organisational charts and job descriptions.

Support roles

Management have acknowledged that more work needs to be done to ensure that staff in support roles that don’t have a clear Enterprise or Divisional home currently (e.g. receptionists, canteens, workshops, site engineers) are properly accommodated. However the Staff Association is extremely concerned about the size of the proposed cuts to support areas, the impact upon workloads, the fact that this is occurring alongside a further centralisation of  functions that will take support even further away from science and that all of this will only lead to an even greater administrative burden on scientists.

The Staff Association is having direct meetings with management in enterprise service areas in an effort to ensure the rights of members – especially in regard to any situation involving potential redundancy or redeployment – are protected.

Concerns remain

Fears that the restructure may result in the loss of hundreds of jobs remain. Management have refused to rule out cuts or provide an estimate of how many positions may be lost. The futures of many services and support staff appear unlcear. 

The Staff Association has also expressed concerns about workload, performance levels and staff wellbeing given the ‘business as usual’ approach being mandated on staff while the restructure process gathers pace.

Operational budgets have still to be determined and the impact of the Federal Government’s Commission of Audit and Federal Budget on revenue is not yet known.

Staff Association members are represented

Staff Association members will be able to influence the outcomes arising from changes to organisational arrangements. You can start by:

  • Providing feedback to your Staff Association delegate, organiser or by email to
  • Talking to your colleagues about joining the Staff Association, if they are not yet members.
  • Talking to your fellow Staff Association members and your organiser about arranging Staff Association forums to collectively discuss the changes arising from the new structure.

Staff Association representatives continue to meets regularly with CSIRO management – It’s important that members continue to supply comments, opinions and questions.


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