Management to provide updated staffing numbers as restructure rolls on

CSIRO management have agreed to provide updated employee numbers at a restructure update meeting with the Staff Association later this week.

As of 31 March 2014, staff numbers at CSIRO had fallen by almost 400 to a total of 6,079; a reduction from 6,477 positions only nine months earlier.

Staff Association representatives have also requested a revised timetable of upcoming steps in the process including the provision of the formal, written advice notifying potential redundancies in a range of areas.

The need for specific and accurate information has been accentuated by persistent rumours that CMSE – set to become the bulk of the Future Manufacturing Flagship – are facing a difficult transition into the new structure.

Recruitment freeze

Staff Association representatives will also seek answers regarding the ongoing application of CSIRO’s recruitment freeze which affects term and contract employees.

Management will be asked to provide numbers of term roles that are likely to cease between now and the end of the financial year.

The ongoing application of the recruitment freeze will be discussed, including whether the CSIRO Executive Team had decided to extend the freeze beyond 31 June 2014.


There has been some positive news regarding the impact of the restructure on communication roles at CSIRO.

In response to strong representations from the Staff Association and other stakeholders, management have determined to reduce the scope of their initial reduction of communications positions across CSIRO.

The revised plan now proposes to include a specific communications director position at CSOF 5 or 6, to work in each flagship. While the cuts in communication roles remain savage, the revised proposal does provide some amelioration of the initial cuts.

There is also evidence of a growing resistance among management against the level of staff cuts being imposed in other support areas including Business Development and Commercialisation.


Management have committed to restarting regular, weekly restructure meetings with the Staff Association, following a brief hiatus during the Easter break.

In terms of mapping of staff into the new structure, management have highlighted growing pressure between operational realities and the need to provide genuine consultation, citing the necessity to map employees into the new SAP structure to ensure that payroll processes are not interrupted.

Annual Performance Agreements

Management have expressed a desire to initiate and complete the first stage of Annual Performance Agreements (APA) for all staff by the end of June to complement their restructure timetable.

While recognising the understandable desire for alignment, Staff Association representatives reminded management that there is no legal requirement under the Enterprise Agreement for staff to comply with this requirement, as APA’s operate on a twelve month timetable that normally begins in July.

More information

CSIRO Restructure – Campaign page


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