Time to stand up for CSIRO

labcoatAs a result of a heavy funding cut from the Federal Government, CSIRO is facing hundreds more job losses, site closures and big cuts to areas of research.

It’s time for CSIRO workers across Australia to come together and stand up for CSIRO and Australian science and research.

Lunchtime protest meetings in major metropolitan CSIRO sites are planned for Thursday 26 June.

National Day of Protest

At a recent meeting following the federal budget, Staff Association Councillors resolved to call a day of protest in late June, to demonstrate against the cuts to CSIRO.

Council has called for a series of coordinated, lunchtime protest meetings, involving the participation of as many CSIRO employees as possible.

  • Regional sites – particularly vulnerable to budget cuts – will lead the day of protest on Tuesday 24 June.
  • Metropolitan sites in capital cities will follow with mass meetings scheduled for Thursday 26 June.

At each event members and supporters are asked to wear white lab coats to grab attention.

For more information including event details, click here.


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