What is SROM?

SROM stands for Supporting Research Operating Model. Essentially it’s about developing a new project management tool to take the place of a number of systems currently in place.

On the face of it this seems logical. However a range of concerns are being raised by Staff Association members.

Why should I be concerned about SROM?

Because it may lead to the redundancy of many Project Support Officers (PSOs) and Finance Officers who currently provide critical advice to Project Leaders and Senior Scientists.

Based on bitter experience many senior staff are concerned that yet again CSIRO – by reducing critical support – will increase still further the project management and administration workload on Senior Scientists and Project Leaders and reduce the amount of time spent on science.

What has the Staff Association done?

After learning of the project from concerned individual PSO and Finance members and having not been consulted in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement, the Staff Association notified a formal dispute with management.

This resulted in meetings and briefings on the project and the implementation of a staff consultation plan. A copy of the most recent information provided by management can be found here.

When will we know more about the staff impacts? 

CSIRO management are now saying that they will know about potential redundancy and other staff impacts after phase 2 of the project is implemented in February 2016.

How can I get involved?

The Staff Association is setting up a reference group to identify the key issues for our members and co-ordinate our response.

You can nominate for this reference group by contacting our Queensland and Northern Australia organiser Sam Townsend at Sam.Townsend@cpsu.org.au

More information 



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