CSIRO work bans continue in September as management edge closer to releasing offer

dropper2Protected action in the form of selected work bans will continue to apply throughout September as CSIRO senior management finally edge closer to releasing an agreement offer to staff.

The Staff Association has formally notified CSIRO management that bans will continue, as per the legal requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009.

Work bans continue

The action includes the continuation of bans on effort logging and working more than 7 hours 21 minutes per day. Only Staff Association members are protected in taking this action.

Meanwhile CSIRO Chief Executive Larry Marshall has stated that management “are continuing to work hard and are very close” to achieving the “necessary approvals” in order to release their proposed agreement to staff.

Management offer ‘very close’

In a letter to the Staff Association, Dr Marshall confirmed that the management negotiation team “will continue to meet and negotiate with bargaining representatives prior to and following the release of its offer.”

However Dr Marshall only provided a vague response to the Staff Association request that the union and other bargaining representatives receive adequate time to analyse and assess the detail of the offer prior to a general release to staff.

“In the context of our commitment to openness and transparency for the release of our offer, I have asked CSIRO’s Negotiation Team to consider the Staff Association’s request to be provided with CSIRO’s offer ahead of staff and to discuss possible options further with all Bargaining Representatives,” Dr Marshall said.

Next negotiation meeting 31 August

The management bargaining team has subsequently proposed that the next negotiation meeting occur on Monday 31 August. Whether management will release an agreement offer to bargaining representatives remains unclear.

However at the previous negotiation meeting, management did provide some clues as to the shape of the offer. Describing the offer as ‘complex’, the management negotiation team did confirm that many conditions and rights would be stripped and replaced by unenforceable policy – or in their words – the proposed agreement would be ‘heavily streamlined.’

It’s likely that the management pay offer will be in the order of 1.5% per cent each year with no back pay – conditional on accepting cuts to working conditions – similar to offers in other public sector agencies and consistent with the Abbott Government’s regressive bargaining policy.

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