Staff Association to consider Chief Executive’s ‘extension of consultation’ plan

Sam Pop 640

Sam Popovski

Chief Executive Larry Marshall’s new ‘extension of consultation’ plan – released in response to the ongoing dispute over proposed job cuts at CSIRO – will be considered by the Staff Association over coming days.

Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said that further clarification was being sought from CSIRO Executive regarding aspects of the consultation.

Seeking clarification

“We still have some questions regarding the provision of information concerning the timing of both proposed job cuts and new hires.

“There is a view that the level of detail available to all staff may have a significant bearing on the quality and effectiveness of the proposed extended consultation process,” Mr Popovski said.

Timing requires examination

Mr Popovski said that Dr Marshall’s proposed timeframe also warranted further examination.

“The Chief Executive’s proposal for just over two weeks extended consultation – which includes the Easter period – is being considered.”

Genuine consultation a must

“Achieving a meaningful and effective consultation process which provides CSIRO staff genuine opportunities to participate must remain the goal of all parties.

“The Staff Association is seeking urgent clarification and may require the further assistance of the Fair Work Commission if parties are still not agreed on the consultation process,” Mr Popovski said.

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