Executive shifts from bargaining to Balance

Get ready. CSIRO Executive is commencing a new ‘Balance’ initiative – previously described as ‘All Roles Flex – from 3 July 2017.

The Staff Association understands that the main purpose of Balance is to favourably consider – on a more regular basis –flexible work requests from staff.

Here are some of the most common questions asked by members in regards to the Balance initiative.

Useful resources

So where do flexible work conditions and policies in CSIRO derive from?

The Enterprise Agreement (EA) contains a range of work-life balance measures, including part-time and job share arrangements, on-site childcare, working away from base, flexible working hours, reduced working year and transition to retirement.

How does the Staff Association recommend that staff access flexible work?

Understanding entitlements and options contained in the legally enforceable EA provisions is a critical first step.

Then seek advice from your Staff Association workplace delegate or organiser for more assistance.

Line managers or Human Resources staff will also have information and resources regarding your circumstances and rights to access the flexible provisions in the EA.

Do I need to formalise my flexible work arrangements through an individual contract?

Not at all. Most flexible work at CSIRO is not formalised in a contract.

The Staff Association believes that individual flexibility arrangements (IFAs) should only be used in exceptional circumstances.

Will the Staff Association be providing more information on Balance?

It’s still too early to tell how many staff in CSIRO will benefit or alternatively experience problems with the implementation of the Balance initiative.

The Staff Association will be asking all staff to provide feedback on the impact over coming weeks and months.

Members will soon receive a subscription to a regular Know Your Rights education series to ensure a better understanding of workplace rights at CSIRO, including flexibility.


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