Are you receiving the right superannuation?

CSIRO staff can receive 15.4% superannuation contributions as part of remuneration.

Unfortunately, many people starting work at CSIRO are not properly informed that staff only receive 15.4% if they choose to join the PSSap superannuation fund. Staff whose superannuation contributions go into other funds only receive 9.5%.

That’s a 5.9% difference in your remuneration! Check your payslip and contact the Staff Association at if you’re in this situation.

Equitable super: a key bargaining aim for the Staff Association

In the current round of enterprise bargaining, the Staff Association is campaigning to ensure that all staff receive 15.4% superannuation, regardless of choice of fund.

Currently 8-9% of staff only receive 9.5%. CSIRO is one of only three agencies in the Commonwealth public sector that maintains this inequitable situation.

The ASL cap has also made it worse, as workers engaged through contractors and labour hire, are only receiving 9.5% as well.

Don’t wait for your birthday for a superannuation increase

The Staff Association’s other bargaining aim is to change the method of calculating superannuation contributions from Fortnightly Contribution Salary (FCS) to Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE).

FCS calculates contributions based on the salary at your last birthday. So if you receive a pay rise or increment in July for example, you don’t get an increase in your superannuation until the date of your next birthday after July.

The Staff Association is campaigning to change the calculation to OTE, so that your superannuation will be 15.4% of your actual salary every fortnight.

Join and support the Staff Association in bargaining

To help achieve genuine choice of fund at CSIRO and maximise your superannuation contributions visit our campaign page and support the Staff Association’s enterprise bargaining campaign.

If you’re not yet a member, get more information on joining the CSIRO Staff Association by emailing or by speaking to an organiser or workplace delegate.

Your super is your future.

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