img_0632Joining the CSIRO Staff Association is a simple process – simply fill in a membership form and return it to our office by email or post.

The subscription rate is 0.65% of gross salary for CSIRO staff.

Membership is fully tax deductible and is transferred as part of your fortnightly pay with your payslip showing the transferred amount.

The membership form directs CSIRO to deduct from your salary an amount equivalent to your fortnightly union dues and pay it to Bank Australia. It then directs Bank Australia to pay this amount to the CSIRO Staff Association. Please note – the Subscription Deduction Facility is about Bank Australia collecting an authorised deduction from your salary and paying this to the union. It does not give the CSIRO Staff Association access to your salary or your Bank Australia account.

  • Subscriptions can also be paid directly to the Association on an annual basis, payable in advance on receipt of our invoice. Please contact the Association office to arrange this.

Associate and Casual Membership

Former CSIRO staff can become Retired members for $30 per annum. Students can join for $30, which covers the entire length of their course. Casual staff are also eligible to join, with dues payable monthly via credit card.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community of scientists and support staff who are interested in making their workplaces a better place in which to work and conduct science.

6 thoughts on “Join

  1. Why is the membership a percentage of salary? Do people on higher salary get more benefits due to paying more?

    • The fees are progressive to make membership dues more affordable for people on lower incomes. That is, members on higher incomes pay more and help subsidise the cost of dues for members at the other end of the scale. All members are treated equally, receive the same level of service and enjoy the same rights.

  2. I’m a researcher at NICTA. A number of my colleagues and I want to know, before joining, whether the staff association supports CSIRO’s new model in running NICTA and CSIRO employees on two different employment standards to avoid its obligations under the enterprise agreement which I thought applied to all CSIRO staff. If not, are you taking action to stop this?

    • The Staff Association’s position is that all NICTA staff who are to be employed by CSIRO from 1 July 2016 should be employed on the CSIRO Enterprise Agreement. We will use organising and industrial levers to campaign to achieve this outcome for NICTA staff. Staff joining the CSIRO Staff Association is critical to our capacity to do so.


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