Friends of CSIRO

Friends of CSIRO is an independent network of concerned citizens who are campaigning to restore critical funding to CSIRO and reverse recent job cuts.


Friends of CSIRO has been formed in response to the ongoing cutbacks to CSIRO’s funding over recent years, and in particular, the recent announcements that CSIRO will cut 275 jobs in a number of divisions, including from the crucial Oceans and Atmosphere and Land and Water divisions.

Upcoming events 

  • Brisbane – Public forum, 7pm Thursday 23 June Royal Geographical Society Lecture Theatre, Milton. Details here.
  • Sydney – Public forum, 2pm Sunday 26 June Surry Hills Community Centre, Surry Hills. Details here.

fo-csrio-group-fbUseful resources 

Press releases, media articles, submissions, transcripts and background information.

Sign up 

Friends of CSIRO has members in QLD, NSW, Victoria and the ACT and is quickly becoming a national organisation.

Connect with the Friends of CSIRO 

foc_FBsplash_lgeFriends of CSIRO is growing rapidly as the public expresses its opposition to the CSIRO cutbacks. It is an independent community organisation.

A great way to promote the Friends of CSIRO among family and friends is by connecting with the group on Facebook.

Make a donation

The Friends of the CSIRO is a community organisation that is independent of the CSIRO Staff Association.

However if you would like to donate to help fund the campaign of the Friends of CSIRO, find out more by visiting their website.

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