Spotlight on CSIRO Executive pay and bonuses


Media reports and Senate Estimates testimony has examined the issue of executive pay at CSIRO, revealing details of generous salaries and performance bonuses, including the remuneration of Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall.

The scrutiny comes as the larger CSIRO workforce approaches the third year of an effective pay freeze due to the Executive Team’s support for the Federal Government’s controversial public sector bargaining policy.

While recent enterprise agreement negotiations have witnessed rapid progress, pay remains an outstanding issue. CSIRO staff last received a general salary increase in July 2013.

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Thodey describes CSIRO as a ‘work in progress’

David Thodey says CSIRO is a work in progress but is taking shape nicely, writes Michael Sainsbury.

A LITTLE OVER a year after CSIRO unveiled its controversial plans to restructure, its chairman David Thodey said that the moves are “kicking some goals” but cautioned that the overhaul remains a work in progress.

“After 15 months in the job, it’s all settling down a bit. Larry Marshall is a good and enthusiastic scientist, and now he and the CSIRO scientists are getting to know each other better.”

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Progress at negotiations despite threats to CSIRO job security, careers and pay

Further progress has been made at enterprise agreement negotiations with the Staff Association and management bargaining teams reaching agreement on a number of clauses that will see important workplace conditions and rights retained.

However on the crucial areas of job security, careers and pay; recent discussions have highlighted the significant gap between the views of staff and the CSIRO Executive team.

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