On the road in New South Wales

The newest addition to the Staff Association organising team – Lachlan McSpedden – recently completed a whirlwind tour of CSIRO sites in regional New South Wales.

Accompanied by National Organiser Michael Macdonald, Lachlan visited several landmark facilities and the diverse mix of people, research and communities left a big impression.

IT CAN BE A SOMEWHAT daunting process for a new organiser to have meetings at a CSIRO sites they’ve never visited before, let alone in places hundreds of kilometres away from home. This New South Wales regional tour was an attempt to understand the research that our Staff Association members undertake and the workplace issues that are of interest and concern.

At a more basic level, the trip was an opportunity to introduce myself, meet some amazing people and engage in some stimulating discussion. I wasn’t disappointed.

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From door to door, Staff Association members are covered

All CSIRO employees deserve a healthy and safe workplace.

So when things go wrong with work – be it through accident, illness or injury – people should be looked after.

However did you know that you are not covered by workers’ compensation during travel to and from the workplace?

Unless you are a Staff Association member, that is.

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Negotiations near completion but can CSIRO Executive win the trust of staff?

Enterprise bargaining negotiations continue to proceed swiftly with the release of a complete, revised Enterprise Agreement (EA) proposal on the cards before the Easter break.

However as this latest negotiation effort nears completion, questions are being asked whether CSIRO Executive have done enough to win the trust and support of staff.

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