Dispute continues despite movement on key issues

Recently CSIRO Staff Association representatives met with Human Resources management in an effort to resolve the dispute in relation to job cuts in the Minerals and Manufacturing Business Units.

While CSIRO has moved significantly on several points relating to the dispute, there is still disagreement on the method of consultation – or lack thereof – between Business Units across the organisation.

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Investing in Aussie wines

For the first time in over 300 years, wine is getting an update. Here’s how the CSIRO are future-proofing our industry and making wine even more delicious, writes Kirsten Flint. 

FOR OVER three hundred years, grapevines have remained pretty much the same.

Some might say this is because the grapes (and the drink derived from their fermentation) are near damn perfect. The reality is, however, that change has just been too difficult.

Unfortunately, while vines have stayed the same, their world has not. Diseases have spread, climates have changed and we’ve altered the chemistry of their environment.

But now a $37 million investment between Wine Australia and CSIRO will give our wines an upgrade.

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Science and CSIRO on the outer as Turnbull shakes up Cabinet

The science and research sector has ended up the big loser from the latest Cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull; with the portfolio banished to the outer Ministry.

Senator Arthur Sinodinos – who stepped away from the role following a cancer diagnosis – has now formally resigned his commission to focus on his health.

As a result, the role of Science Minister has shrunk into a junior posting within a new ‘Jobs and Innovation’ portfolio; which combines industry, employment and workplace relations.

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