Support for climate strike students from CSIRO staff

The school student movement demanding action on climate change continues to receive the warm support of the CSIRO Staff Association; the union representing hundreds of the world’s best climate and environmental researchers.

Thousands of Australian school students are expected to rally across the country on Friday 20 September as part of a global climate strike; following a series of international protests in March and last November.

A large number of unions, community organisations and corporations have announced support for the student strike action.

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What to expect in enterprise bargaining this year

The Staff Association provided a FAQ on the Enterprise Bargaining 2020 campaign to members in late June.

Since then, the fight against the implementation of the Average Staffing Level (ASL) cap in CSIRO has intensified, but it’s now time to consider what’s in store for enterprise bargaining for the rest of 2019.

Staff Association Council strategy

The Staff Association Council, made up of representatives from every State and Territory, endorsed a plan for Enterprise Bargaining 2020 at a recent meeting on 1 August.

The plan outlines the strategy, potential tactics and indicative activities for each month up until the nominal expiry of the current Enterprise Agreement on 14 November 2020.

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Is the ASL cap driving increased outsourcing across CSIRO?

CSIRO Staff submission service delivery inquiryAn interim examination of a survey charting the impact of the Average Staffing Level (ASL cap) has revealed many instances where CSIRO staff reported the increased use or consideration of external contractors as a means of avoiding the ASL cap.

Outside contractors and labour hire firms are being used across the federal public sector extensively. The Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee is currently holding an inquiry into the impact of changes to service delivery models on the administration and running of Government programs.

The Staff Association has made a submission to the inquiry highlighting that the application of the ASL cap is driving a wave of outsourcing across CSIRO.

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