Calling all Superstars of STEM

Science and Technology Australia’s (STA) Superstars of STEM program provides a diverse group of passionate and articulate women in all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – and at all career stages – with the skills and opportunities to become visible public role models and help change the public stereotype of scientists.

As a founding member of STA, the Staff Association supports the Superstars of STEM program and encourages all CSIRO women to participate in this world-leading initiative.

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Cathy Foley to lead CSIRO scientists

Cathy Foley has had a career full of “firsts” as a woman in the male-dominated world of science.

She appeared in her late 20s in a video about women in the sector after joining the CSIRO 33 years ago, and has pushed for greater female participation since.

Following her latest appointment as chief scientist at Australia’s federal scientific agency, she’ll advocate more diversity in the industry, a necessary ingredient to solving the mysteries it unpicks.

“If we limit that, we’re just not going to get to where we need to go,” she said.

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