CSIRO leaders step into the limelight

Two of CSIRO’s most senior leaders will set out the case for science and CSIRO in a rapidly changing world during separate high-profile events public events targeting large and diverse Australian audiences.

CSIRO Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley is appearing in Canberra as part of the Australian Senate’s Occasional Lecture Series while Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall will appear on ABC TV’s Q and A program as part of a technology and

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Where now for climate action?

While the existential risk of climate change continues to grow, public debate remains bitter and Australia’s policy response continues to languish. So where to now for climate action, asks CSIRO Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski.  

THE RE-ELECTION of the Morrison Government in Australia and the continued global prominence of climate change denial has many environmental activists concerned about the future.

In Australia, our confirmed failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has only hastened the calls for more urgent action to address the warming of the Earth.

In the Staff Association, our role in representing the interests of our members is varied, from saving and advocating for jobs in environmental and climate change research, through to working with the organisation to reduce its own carbon footprint.

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Is it true climate change will cause the end of civilisation by 2050?

Climate change could bring about the end of civilisation as we know it within three decades, an Australian think tank has warned.

The report by Breakthrough, endorsed by a retired Australian admiral, says a war-time response is needed to avoid the doomsday scenario.

“The report speaks, in our opinion, a harsh but necessary truth,” says co-author David Spratt.

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